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Indiana Car Shipping

There are lots of reasons to need your vehicle shipped. When your vehicle needs to be shipped to or from Indiana, you want the process to be easy, safe, and reliable.


You’ve probably heard of the capital of Indiana. Indianapolis is not only the capital, but it’s also the state’s biggest city.

Like other big cities in Indiana like Fort Wayne and Evansville, the areas in and around Indianapolis are more densely populated than you’ll find in other parts of the state.

The rest of the state, around 80%, is devoted to farms, woodlands, and forests. As you can imagine, that means that farming is pretty important to the economy and the people of Indiana.

Indiana practices crop rotation. They produce corn, soybeans, and wheat primarily, but the state also contributes to auto production and pharmaceutical production.

As with most hard-working Americans, they like to have fun too. Maybe that’s why basketball was born here. Football is pretty important here too. You may have heard of the Indianapolis Colts in professional football or Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish in college football.

They also host the Indianapolis 500 annually at the Indianapolis Super Speedway every Memorial Day weekend.

When your own car arrives, you’ll want to get it registered so you can set off to see the beaches of Lake Michigan, the Indiana dunes, or the state’s major cities.

Shipping Your Car To Indiana

Shipping your car to the Hoosier State should be an easy, safe, and worry-free process. With a reliable company like Carvaygo, it can be, and you’ll be able to focus on the other important parts of your Indiana experience.

Types of Car-Hauling Services Available

We offer three types of car-hauling services:

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Shipping your vehicle is a big deal, but Carvaygo makes it easy

A couple of clicks from you, and Carvaygo is a GO!

All you have to do is request a free Quick Quote and book your move. The week before your pickup date, a Carvaygo rep will call to confirm your reservation and discuss any issues that may complicate your transport, and that's it. You can relax in the confidence of knowing that Carvaygo will have your vehicle picked up by a licensed car-hauler who will deliver your vehicle to where you want it.

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Services and Cities

Carvaygo offers Open Car Hauling, Enclosed Car Hauling and Expeditred Car Hauling services to just about every location in Indiana, such as Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Evansville, South Bend, Bloomington, Fishers, Carmel, Hammond, Gary, or Muncie. Simply get a Quote, Book your move and we will take care of the Transportation.

How long will it take to move my car?

There are many factors that can affect the transit time of moving your car, from weather to traffic, to the order your vehicle is removed from the car hauler. But one of the benefits of choosing Carvaygo is that you can book the pickup date you want to move your car. Once picked up we will give you an estimate for transit time for your move. Within 24 hours of delivery, your driver will contact you to give you a specific time of arrival. To give you some idea of the transit time from pickup to delivery here is a chart of what you can expect most of the time.

Transportation distance

Transportation time from pickup date

0-350 miles

351-500 miles

501-700 miles

701-1000 miles

1001-1500 miles

1501-2000 miles

2000-2500 miles

2500+ miles

1-3 days

2-4 days

2-5 days

3-6 days

4-7 days

5-9 days

6-10 days

8-12 days

Why Carvaygo?

Not just because we're the newest, most technologically advanced car-hauling company in America, but because Carvaygo was built from the ground up using the latest technology to make your experience fast and frictionless. Carvaygo is an easy and reliable way to have your vehicle shipped affordably anywhere in the continental U.S.

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