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Carvaygo contracts with and is powered by RPM, a leading finished vehicle transportation provider that moves over 30,000 vehicles a month for some of the world's largest automotive companies. Leveraging that expertise, Carvaygo is built from the ground up to be a consumer-focused company dedicated to moving personal vehicles. You can entrust your vehicle to Carvaygo because shipping is in our DNA. Here's how the process of moving your vehicle with Carvaygo works:
Online quote
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01 Get a Quote

Your first question is probably, How much does it cost? Use our Quick Quote to find out. It's instant, it's free, and you are under no obligation to purchase. Your risk-free quote is good for 7 days. Your personal information is secure with us.

Online booking
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02 Book Your Move

If you like your quote, go ahead and book it. Your credit card will be charged at this step, but you can cancel up to 48 hours before pickup with no penalty. We will complete the Recon Call and request a few more details that will help ensure an effortless move.

  • Addresses of pickup and delivery locations.
  • Contact information for the person at the pickup and delivery locations.
  • Special instructions for the car-hauler, such as whether it's a business or residence, on a hill or a narrow street, etc.
Recon call
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03 Recon Call

The Recon Call is an extra level of preparation that helps us mitigate any issues that may complicate your transport—a security gate code, an overhead height limit, etc. A Carvaygo Consumer Representative will call you within 7 seven days before your scheduled pickup to:

  • Confirm your contact info, vehicle ID, and pickup/destination addresses.
  • Verify that the car-hauler can access both pickup and delivery locations.
  • Assess whether there are any special instructions or concerns you may have about your move.
Truck dispatched
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04 Pre-Transport

Once we've confirmed your details, we will search a network of car-haulers to find a match for your move. Before the pickup, you will receive an email providing you with:

  • The information for the company responsible for hauling your car.
  • The pickup and delivery details.
  • A summary of your Recon Call.
Vehicle pickup
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05 Pickup

Approximately 24 hours before the pickup, your driver will contact you directly to schedule a one-hour window for the pickup—then again approximately an hour before pickup to confirm a specific arrival time. When your driver arrives and after completing any preloading processes (such as completion of a Vehicle Condition Report), your car will be on the go and you will receive a confirmation email from us.

Vehicle tracking
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06 In Transit

No news is good news. If there are any delays in transit, Carvaygo will contact you to inform you and give you a new ETA. Approximately 48 hours before delivery, you'll receive a reminder email outlining all the arrival details.

Vehicle delivery
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07 Delivery

Next thing you know, your car is bound for delivery, WOOO! Here are the final steps:

  • Approximately 24 hours before delivery, your will receive a call to schedule a one-hour window for delivery.
  • Approximately an hour before delivery, you will receive a specific time of arrival.
  • After completing any delivery processes (such as the completion of a Vehicle Condition Report), you and your car will be on the go at the destination.

We hate to say goodbye, but, alas, our job here is done. We look forward to shipping your vehicle again—wherever your journey may take you.

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