When Do Snowbirds Leave Florida To Return North?

Each year, more than 810,000 seasonal travelers flock to Florida to escape the cold. Often called snowbirds, these travelers are typically retirees or remote workers who spend the winter months enjoying the white sand beaches and warm weather of the Sunshine State.

Popular Florida snowbird destinations include Fort Myers, Bradenton, Naples, and Sarasota, and many snowbirds opt to rent or own a home in the state to accommodate their stay. Keep reading to learn more about snowbirding through the winter months.

What Are Snowbirds?

Snowbirds may be retired community members, families who can complete work remotely, or any other seasonal traveler. Often, snowbirds come from colder parts of the country, such as Alaska, Maine, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, or even other countries, such as Canada.

It is common for snowbirds to stay for several months and to bring important belongings with them for their extended stay.

When Is Snowbird Season in Florida?

Snowbird season typically begins in October, extending through April or even May. Typically, snowbirds will begin to plan their escape to a warm and sunny climate whenever the weather begins to cool.

Snowbirding allows people to still experience the spring, summer, and fall seasons in their home state while avoiding harsh winter weather.

When Do Snowbirds Leave Florida?

As the spring weather returns in March, April, and May, many snowbirds will return to their homes in colder, northern states. Some states may have cold weather until the later spring months of April or May, making it common for many residents to remain in Florida until spring has truly arrived.

Where Do Snowbirds Go in Florida?

There are numerous popular hotspots, including cities and beach towns, for Florida snowbirds to visit, complete with various activities to partake in and beautiful beaches to enjoy. Some snowbirds may return to the same part of Florida each year or explore a new area every winter when they return.

Popular Cities for Snowbirds

Popular city Florida snowbird destinations include Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee, Jacksonville, and Florida City. Cities allow visitors to visit museums, markets, shopping destinations, restaurants, and tourist destinations.

Snowbirds can plan a visit to Orlando’s Walt Disney World, Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios or take a visit to the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District.

Popular Beach Towns for Snowbirds

Popular beach towns in Florida for snowbirds include Destin, Sanibel Island, Key West, Daytona Beach, Napes, Sarasota, and Clearwater for those looking to partake in warm, white-sand beaches.

Snowbirds who settle into Florida beach towns will often have a less-busy and more peaceful stay, and they are a particularly good choice for those who may wish to hike, bike, walk, and partake in water sports. Surfing, waterskiing, scuba diving, swimming, and sailing are just some of the many activities for Florida snowbirds in beach towns.

Tips for Snowbirds

When you are snowbirding, it is especially important to ensure that you are keeping yourself, your valuables, and your home safe and cared for. With these tips, learn how to protect your valuables, prepare for potential storms, and rent out your property when you are away from your home state.

Protect Your Valuables

When snowbirding, protecting the valuables that came with you and those you left at home is important. Ensuring that there is a safe at your rental home or the home you own will help you ensure that your belongings are safe and secure.

Many snowbirds may opt to install video surveillance at their snowbird home and their residence in their home state to ensure that their valuables are safe while they are away.

Prepare for Storms

Winter is the storm and hurricane season in Florida, making it crucial to prepare for potential storms. It is a good idea to create an emergency kit in the case of a storm, complete with first aid supplies, food, water, blankets, clothing, and prescriptions.

Since hurricane season can start as early as June 1st and continue until November 30th, snowbirds should have evacuation routes planned, ensure the home they are staying in has storm shutters or plywood, and keep their car fueled in case of an unpredicted storm.

Rent Your Property While You’re Gone

While you are away from your home during the winter months, many snowbirds choose to rent out or sublet their property to fund their expenses while snowbirding. Sites such as Vrbo, Airbnb, Apartments.com, and HotPads can help prospective snowbirds plan ahead and rent out their home before they leave for their extended stay.

Shipping Your Car After Snowbird Season

Once snowbird season has ended, and it is time to return home, many snowbirds opt to ship their car instead of taking on a long, potentially dangerous drive home. Long-distance drives can leave vehicles with wear, tear, and unnecessary damage and can put both the vehicle and the driver at a higher risk of getting into an accident.

Leaving the long trip to the professionals can keep both yourself and your vehicle safe and unharmed.

Bottom Line

Snowbirding can be a fun and rewarding way of avoiding harsh winter weather, exploring new areas, and spending time soaking up the sun. Car-hauling services, such as RPM Freight, can help those traveling a long distance to return home.

RPM offers enclosed, open, and expedited vehicle transportation services so our customers can relax and leave the long-distance trip to our trusted network of carriers.

For more information, visit our website today.

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