Vehicle Delivery Services: What To Look For

Not all vehicles are the same. From small compact cars to large SUVs to mid-sized sedans and EVs, cars come in all shapes and sizes. That's why it's important when transporting your car for relocation, vacation, or going back to school that you use a versatile auto transporter. An auto transport company whose services are available 24/7. Companies like Carvaygo are capable of moving all vehicle types and have the network of carriers to do it efficiently.

Which Car Transport Services Are Reliable?

When selecting a car transport service to help deliver your vehicle(s), you need to investigate the quality of its car shippers. Investigating means looking beyond just the number of people enlisted.

Instead, you need to research how well these vehicle transports are supported by their company. This means finding out whether carriers are properly treated and welcomed into a greater community, rather than just being an item on a spreadsheet somewhere.

These factors help carriers invest themselves in the auto transport industry and ultimately improve the quality of what they do.

What Is The Importance of a USDOT Number?

Drivers should have a USDOT Number through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). This is important for the operation’s legality, and just as importantly, helps provide the carrier with access to the insurance required to cover expensive cargo like vehicles.

With a USDOT Number, a carrier can acquire a certificate for insurance worth one hundred thousand dollars for cargo and one million dollars for general and auto liability. This provides both them and you with the security you’ll need for peace of mind transporting your precious cargo.

How Do I Know if a Vehicle Delivery Service is Ethical?

The ethics of a supply chain are seldom considered but are an important factor to consider if you’d rather avoid finding yourself in hot water. As pointed out by The Future of Commerce, a recent survey found that over half of customers in the UK “want companies to take a stand on issues they care about, such as sustainability, transparency, and fair employment practices.”

There is more to working with a vehicle transport partner just because their rates are good. You should consider they are engaging in sustainable practices. Carvaygo, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RPM. RPM was recently named a Top Green Provider by Food Logistics. Over the next five years, RPM is working on initiatives to prioritize carriers who are making an environmentally conscious decision on what trucks to buy and bring into their fleet. the company has also been attending several virtual conferences throughout the year to explore better ways to use energy and reduce the carbon emissions on the road.

What Are The Business Benefits of Ethical Supply Chains?

These ethical supply chain contributors are not just good to work with but can also serve as important marketing and PR credibility for you by allowing you to flex your own corporate responsibility through them vicariously.

Which Vehicle Deliverers Have The Best Digital Solutions?

Speaking to Logistics Management, Yossi Sheffi, Ph.D. from MIT, said that “Clearly, the pandemic pushed companies to use more digital tools to run their supply chains,” and they couldn’t be more right.

As Covid has pushed for digitization and modernization in almost every sector, auto shipping has seen a boom in their use of technology. While the best car shipping companies are continually being innovated and improved upon, there are still many important fundamentals to examine when searching for a vehicle delivery partner of your own.

Firstly, technical solutions can help to optimize the load for transporting materials. While this isn’t always a factor for vehicle transports, it still can be. If innovative new solutions allow for the transport of greater quantities of vehicles, this enables you to save valuable time and money, delivering more products faster.

Being allowed to ship greater quantities could also be used to ship additional materials or supplies along with the cars if that is needed. More evidently, though, your vehicle shipment partner should have a suite of technology.

Use this tech to equip you with APIs that you can build on to automate data collection, enabling you to make smarter decisions quicker.

Which Carriers Provide Real-Time Shipment Information?

You can also receive shareable links to track shipment information, so one sales representative can pass shipment details off to another in the event someone has a sick day or cannot be there for whatever reason. This shipment information can include real-time GPS tracking information. A driver can broadcast their exact coordinates so that both the customer and the shipper can track progress and be notified in the event of delays related to traffic or road closures.

All of these systems can function in harmony as well, being available through a single technological destination for your convenience, giving you immediate access to help optimize shipments, check statuses, and connect with the shipping company at a moment’s notice.

These recent improvements are great and might just only be the beginning of the modernization of the freight industry. It’s important to consider how willing your prospective shipping partner is to implement new technologies and the ways a forward-looking freight company can continually improve its offerings to generate more value over time.

Important areas to consider are how technologies like augmented reality can simulate packaging and loading scenarios, the difference in pricing for diesel versus electric freight vehicles, or if self-driving trucks could reduce your overall cost without incurring any risk.


Carvaygo has a network of 40,000+ independent car haulers across the country who provide fast, safe and effective transport of personally owned vehicles. A wholly-owned subsidiary of RPM, an award-winning vehicle logistics provider trusted by some of the world's largest automotive manufacturers around the world, Carvaygo was designed to be a technologically advanced vehicle shipping operation. Carvaygo's relationship with RPM lets our customers benefit from RPM's strength and experience.

Carvaygo was built from the ground up using the latest technology to make your experience fast and frictionless. Carvaygo is an easy and reliable way to have your vehicle shipped affordably anywhere in the continental U.S.

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