Vehicle Condition Report: Why It's Important

When shipping a car, the shipper and carrier's priority is that the vehicle makes it seamlessly from point A to point B. The driver and delivery personnel will complete a vehicle condition report to ensure no damage to the car during transit.

The vehicle condition report, alongside the Bill of Lading (BOL) or the shipment invoice, is some of the most important documents by industry standards when shipping a vehicle with the help of a carrier.

What is a Vehicle Condition Report?

A vehicle condition report is a document, typically provided by a carrier, that includes detailed information on the current condition of a vehicle getting transported. They must also provide a Bill of Lading (BOL) document as an invoice or receipt for completing the vehicle condition report.

Vehicle condition reports can be completed digitally, through a vehicle condition report app, or on paper. Some carriers may combine the vehicle condition report with the BOL in a single "Bill of Lading/Vehicle Condition Report." Other carriers may separate the two and provide an auto transport broker with the vehicle condition report and the customer with a BOL.

A combined "Bill of Lading/Vehicle Condition Report" also gets called a:

  • Bill of Lading/Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Vehicle Condition Report
  • Condition Report
  • Vehicle Inspection Report
  • Bill of Lading

What is the Purpose of a Condition Report?

Not only are transported vehicles inspected once they are delivered, but they also get inspected before beginning transit. The inspection form accurately evaluates whether any damage has occurred during the vehicle's transport.

The vehicle condition report will also show if there was damage to the vehicle before transport. This is particularly helpful when a used car was purchased by a third party, as the shipper and carrier can not be held responsible for any damage before transport.

Why Are Vehicle Condition Reports Important?

  • Provides Crucial Information
  • Saves Money and Time
  • Online Shopping

Provides Crucial Information

The vehicle condition report is a unique document containing the necessary information. The detailed description includes documentation of all addresses, the carrier's company name and contact information, the name of the driver, and the vehicle's Motor Carrier Number or MC Number. The document is a signed transportation agreement between the carrier and the driver.

Saves Money and Time

Completing a vehicle condition report saves all involved parties time and money. If an insurance company investigates any reported damage, the vehicle condition report and the BOL will serve as the claim's driver and carrier's documents. You can digitally complete vehicle condition reports using a mobile app. The process is fast, simple, and will easily blend into the daily workflow of the shipping process.

Online Shopping

When purchasing a vehicle online, buyers risk not being fully informed of any pre-existing damages by the seller. A vehicle condition report will ensure the documentation of all current injuries before transporting the car. The vehicle condition report template would be official documentation if a buyer were unaware of pre-existing damages.

No Warranty

For people with used cars without any warranty from car dealerships, the vehicle condition inspection process and vehicle condition report form will serve as the carrier's insurance that no damage has occurred during transit. When used cars are purchased online, the buyer will typically buy the vehicle in its current condition, and the seller will not be held responsible for any pre-existing damages.

Hard to Physically Check Vehicle Yourself

Car buyers may have challenges inspecting their vehicles after purchasing a vehicle online. This is particularly true if you bought a car in a different state or area than where you live. Since cars will undergo inspection for vehicle damage before being shipped, documentation will prove the vehicle's current condition.

What Does a Vehicle Condition Report Contain?

  • The Mechanical Condition
  • Vehicle History
  • Value Guide

The Mechanical Condition

Every vehicle condition report includes a report on a vehicle's mechanical condition. The car condition report details which vehicle parts are currently high quality and in good condition and which car parts have suffered dents, wear and tear or are in poor condition. The detailed vehicle inspection report will also document the car's specifications and the vehicle condition evaluation report.

Vehicle History

The vehicle history report is a section of the vehicle condition report that will provide information on the car's odometer report, title checks, and title status. The vehicle's odometer will show the amount of mileage on the car. A vehicle's title check will include historical information, such as its recall status, market value, and accident history.

The car's title will determine if it is salvaged, cleaned, or reconstructed. A car history service typically retrieves the vehicle history report, and not all included information is guaranteed to be entirely accurate.

Value Guide

The value guide will include the average market value for the vehicle transported. Value guides typically contain estimates for prices that are above market, at the market, and below market. The average selling prices for similar cars during a specific period will determine these figures. In addition, the value guide will include the average mileage of comparable vehicles sold on the market.

Bottom Line

Vehicle condition reports are a crucial part of the vehicle transportation process, as they ensure that each vehicle makes it from pickup to delivery damage-free. Working with the help of a vehicle transportation provider, such as Carvaygo, will certify that each step of the vehicle condition assurance process gets completed reliably and efficiently.

Are you interested in vehicle condition reports? Visit our website today.

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