Shipping a Non-Running Car: 6 Common Questions

If you’re contemplating shipping a car that doesn’t run, you’re in the right place. The auto transport industry has shippers that can handle getting your non-running car where it needs to go.

Knowing the right questions to ask will help you find the right auto transport company so you can have peace of mind getting your car door-to-door with safe delivery.

What Is a Non-Running Car?

As it sounds, a non-running vehicle is a car that isn’t mechanically sound and it either isn’t driveable or can’t be driven safely. There are a large number of non-running vehicles.

Some people opt to junk an inoperable car, which causes waste. Some inoperable cars get scrapped at the junkyard. One study showed that the scrap rate in 2019 was 5.1% for junked cars.

6 Common Questions About Shipping Non-Running Cars

It can be overwhelming selecting a car carrier, and there are a few helpful hints we want to share with you as you learn more about the shipping process.

Check out these six commonly asked questions below:

1. Can You Ship a Non-Running Car?

Shipping a non-running car is possible and car carriers do it all the time. Depending on the degree of damage or needed repairs, you may need a car shipper with special equipment.

2. How Do You Ship a Non-Running Car?

Assessing why your car is inoperable is the first step to determining how to ship an inoperable car. Using a tow truck and a winch, your car can be transported safely as long as the steering wheel and brakes are working effectively.

If the steering and brakes are out, this makes things a little trickier, but not impossible. In this case, a forklift may be necessary for getting your car onto a flatbread.

3. How Much Does It Cost To Ship a Non-Running Car?

There are many variables in the cost of shipping a non-running vehicle. Vehicle shipping costs are based on numbers. Inputs needed for a quote include distance, the make and model of the car, the route, and the shipping method.

Once you provide these details, you can get a free quote from the car shipping company. Vehicle transport costs are not one size fits all.

4. When Would You Need To Ship a Non-Running Car?

The reasons for shipping a non-running car include everything from a completely inoperable vehicle to one that’s not safe to drive. It’s important to assess the vehicle's condition and know when to stop driving the car.

Although sometimes it makes sense to get a tow truck, if the car needs to be hauled for longer distances, car shipping may make more sense.

Below are just a few other reasons people ship cars that don’t run:

  • Drop off a car to another location out of state
  • Car has flat tires and is going to a destination that is a long distance
  • Car is a classic, expensive car that needs to go to a specialty repair shop

If the car has a simple fix like a dead battery that needs replacing, that’s one thing, but if the check engine light is on, you can only drive the car for short distances. Sometimes even though the car isn’t completely inoperable, beware — you can potentially do a lot of damage to your car.

One study showed that the average person drives for nine days with a check-engine light turned on. This is a terrible idea.

5. How Do You Prepare a Non-Running Car for Shipping?

Preparing a non-running car for shipping is simple, but there are a few things to remember. You should be sure to remove all personal belongings from the vehicle. This is a safe best practice that everyone should do before shipping a car anywhere.

Also, be sure you provide the keys before the car is picked up. Depending on how inoperable the car is, it’s still a good idea to keep the keys with the car. If the car has any loose parts, be sure to have these tightened up or secured before the transporter arrives.

6. Should You Get Insurance When Shipping a Non-Running Car?

Any reputable car shipper will carry insurance and you should ask for proof of this before agreeing to a shipping quote. For peace of mind, you should contact your insurance company to inquire about comprehensive and collision insurance on your policy.

Always double-check with your insurance company and ask questions about various scenarios so you know what your liability is in every potential circumstance. For example, if a tree falls on the carrier's truck while parked, who is responsible? Be informed about insurance liability with your vehicle.

Choosing the Right Auto Transport Service for All Your Shipping Needs

When it comes to shopping for an auto transporter, make sure you go with a carrier that is experienced in shipping cars and has a long-standing reputation. You’ll want to get a car shipping quote from the car transport company and answer questions such as the type of vehicle.

Be sure to check reviews and investigate if the car shipping company has a good reputation, and see if they have a history of showing up on time and on schedule. Make sure the car shipping company can get your car where it needs to go under any weather conditions, and consider a contingency plan if mother nature gets extreme and puts a halt to your truck being on the road in extreme circumstances.

Carvaygo is an auto transport company that’s been around for many years, and we have a large cohort of repeat customers due to our high level of service, transparency, affordable rates, and quick, easy quotes so you can get things in motion with your car transport.

Carvaygo offers open-car hauling, enclosed car-hauling, and we even deliver expedited services for those who need it.

Let’s dive into the reasons you may want to ship your car:

Relocation for Personal or Professional Reasons

Sometimes an individual or a family is relocating and they need to ship one or two cars to their new home.

Military Job Changes

When military personnel need to move, and many times, it’s done quickly. We take care of our military by shipping their car and giving them peace of mind.

People With Second Homes

If you own a second home and go back and forth, like many snowbirds do, for example, it can be quick and painless to ship your car to your destination. This is especially true if you have multiple cars.

Classic Car Collectors

You don’t want to trust anyone with your classic cars. We are the trusted source in the U.S. for shipping classic cars that are recently purchased or shipping them to second homes for safekeeping.

Online Car Purchases

Sometimes the best car for you to buy isn’t one that’s near you. We ship cars for people who buy their vehicles in another state. This gives consumers a lot more options and opens the door to making a smarter car purchase.

Pro tip: If you’re buying a car out of state, be sure to research the least expensive states to buy a car guide!

Bottom Line

Sometimes the need arises to shop for a non-running car that’s not operable for one reason or another. In some circumstances, the car is driveable, but not safe for long-distance trips. Whatever your reason may be, using a transport carrier to get your car from point A to Point B is a viable option. Weighing out the shipping cost versus the cost of a tow truck is an important consideration. Often, using a transport truck or car shipping service is more affordable than you think.

Check us out — we’re the trusted resource for car shipping!

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