Moving to a New City Alone: 8 Helpful Tip

Whether you are moving for college, a new job, or hoping to relocate to a new city, navigating your move and getting acclimated to a new home can initially seem daunting. By staying organized throughout the moving process, preparing important details before your move, and calling in the help of professional movers if they are needed, you can ensure that your move goes as easily and seamlessly as possible.

What Should You Know Before Moving?

Before your move, it is a good idea to determine where you will be working, how safe the area you are moving to is, and to find primary providers in your new area. Doing so will help you to ensure that necessary details are ironed out before you travel to your new home.

Taking steps such as mapping out your new area, reading up on travel blogs or posts, and connecting with friends or family members you may have in the area can help you to prepare and get acclimated before your move.

Your Employment

Although finding a job after you move is not uncommon, setting up your new job before your move will ensure that you have the necessary income required to live in the area. Not to mention, finding a job will make meeting new people in the new city easier and ensure your financial stability in a new place.

Employment opportunities can also help you narrow down the area you would like to live in and, in some cases, will help you iron out the details of your daily commute before moving to your new home.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter post job listings and will allow you to apply for jobs in your new area before your move. Simply upload your resume, complete a personal profile, update your desired employment location, and begin applying to find a new job in the city you will be moving to.

Some cities may have a higher number of positions in particular fields. For instance, if you are in the tech industry, up-and-coming tech cities will have a plethora of employment opportunities for you to choose from. Luckily, U.S. urban areas typically have higher rates of job postings and employment opportunities than smaller towns.

Safety Metrics

Before moving, looking into the safety metrics of prospective areas you may want to move to is important. Particularly when you are moving alone and potentially living alone, determining how safe the new city is can help you determine if it is a viable place for you to live.

Websites like The Neighbors App, AreaVibes, FBI Crime Data Explorer, and City Protect allow users to look up their desired neighborhood to receive an overall safety rating and crime alerts.

Finance site MoneyGeek found that the five safest large cities in America included Honolulu, Hawaii; Virginia Beach, Virginia; Henderson, Nevada; El Paso, Texas; and New York, New York. Some of the most popular states to move to include South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Arizona, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Your Primary Providers

In addition to determining the safety of your new neighborhood before your move, finding primary providers in the area is also a good idea. Doctors, dentists, and mechanics are your area's primary providers. Therefore, it may be wise to find nearby providers before moving to ensure you have available help and expertise.

Sites such as Zocdoc,, and your insurance provider’s website can help you to find a new primary care physician or provider in your area. For any car maintenance needs, websites and RepairPal can help you to locate a mechanic in your new neighborhood.

The Moving Process: What Do You Need?

Determining what you need to make your move go as smoothly as possible can save you time, stress, and added energy. Making a detailed packing list and hiring professional help if needed can help you to cut down on the amount of work that will go into your move.

A Detailed Packing List

By creating a detailed week-by-week packing list, you can manage the workload of packing and limit it to a small amount each week leading up to your move. It is a good idea to start packing items that are not essentials you use daily and wait until the days before your move to pack the items you need the most.

Two months before your move, you may want to donate items you no longer need, then start ordering necessary packing supplies to box up your items. Items for various rooms of your house can be packed into specific boxes and labeled, making the packing and unpacking processes easier.

Professional Help

If you are moving long-distance or bringing many boxes and appliances with you, hiring a professional moving company may be recommended. You may also want to skip a lengthy drive and enlist the help of a car-hauling service to ship your car to your new home.

Doing so can relieve you of the heavy lifting that comes with moving many boxes yourself and can protect your safety and the integrity of your vehicle.

What Are the First Things You Should Do in a New City?

Once you have made your move and arrived in your new city, it is time to make the most of your first few days and begin exploring your new home. Discovering the city’s nightlife, finding a grocery store, and joining local groups can help you to get acclimated.

Explore the Nightlife

Exploring restaurants, bars, clubs, and venues in your new neighborhood can help you to make new friends and learn more about your new area. In doing so, you can learn about popular hotspots and things to do in your area and start to get more comfortable in your new city.

Locate the Grocery Store

Locating your new grocery store and other convenience stores in the area is an excellent first step when moving to your new home. Some cities may have different grocery options than others which can provide you with the opportunity to try out new foods and recipes.

Join Local Groups

Websites such as Facebook Local, Meetup, Bumble BFF, and MeetMe can help newcomers find friends when they have moved to a new area. Facebook provides users with various groups specific to a particular area or members with specific interests.

Site users can set the site’s location to their new home either before or after their move to meet others in the same area with similar interests.

The Bottom Line

Long-distance drives can create excessive wear and tear to your car and leave you at a higher risk of getting in an accident. Instead of transporting your car to your new home yourself, you may want to call in the help of a car-hauling service such as Carvaygo. Carvaygo’s network of carriers will ensure that your valued vehicle is in trusted, reliable hands.

Interested in hiring car-hauling services prior to your move? Visit our website today.

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