Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Shipping: A Complete Guide

People are more concerned about their influence on the environment, and electric cars have been a hot topic in recent years.

According to the latest data, sales of electric cars have risen 75% yearly. According to Bloomberg's projections, electric cars will account for 58 percent of worldwide vehicle sales by 2040.

Toyota, Volkswagen, and Tesla, three of the biggest car brands, have introduced electric vehicles to the market in response to consumer demand for more affordable and environmentally responsible transportation.

However, how can you ship your hybrid or electric vehicle? Is the process different from shipping a car with a gasoline engine? Let us look at the possibilities, and we'll also point out any potential risks so that you can make an informed decision.

Why Ship Your Hybrid Car or EV?

Shipping your electric vehicle is also a good idea for these reasons:

  • Hybrid Car Shipping Is Safe
  • Hybrid Car Shipping Saves Your Odometer
  • Hybrid Car Shipping Can Protect Your Car From Road Conditions

When it comes to driving an electric car across the nation, it may not always be the best option due to the shortage of charging facilities.

A car shipping business is a safest, quickest, and most cost-effective method of getting your electric vehicle to its ultimate location.

Hybrid Car Shipping Is Safe

These instances are not unheard of, but it's not uncommon for lithium-ion batteries to explode due to overheating. In terms of size-to-energy, lithium-ion batteries have a good deal going for them. Overheating is a risk because of the large amounts of energy they generate from such tiny dimensions.

Although hybrid and electric motors and car batteries are constructed with the same material as the vehicles, manufacturers have taken several precautions to decrease the danger. No manufacturing or operational problems are most likely to develop when the battery is solely utilized for loading and unloading the vehicle.

Electrified vehicles may be transported without incident. Safe transportation of an electric or hybrid automobile needs the experience of a skilled auto carrier, as does shipping any of the vehicles mentioned above.

Hybrid Car Shipping Saves Your Odometer

You'll save money on your vehicle's odometer because they aren't miles your automobile is traveling. You'll get a better deal on your automobile and perhaps save money on your insurance.

Hybrid Car Shipping Can Protect Your Car From Road Conditions

Your hybrid car will be safe from the severe winter road salt and gravel while in transit. These extreme driving conditions might make your car's pristine surface chipped, worn, or otherwise damaged.

If you drive your electric vehicle for a long period, it will endure significant wear and strain, especially on the battery. In the long run, this will influence your vehicle's resale value and may raise the cost of your insurance premiums.

Hybrid Car Shipping FAQs

Now that you know why hybrid car shipping is a good idea, we’ve answered some of the most common questions you might have about the process.

Is Hybrid Car Shipping the Same as Standard Shipping?

The battery is the main difference in delivering an electric automobile. Battery-powered electric cars may be much heavier due to the massive size and weight of their batteries.

Electric batteries, although less likely to catch fire than their fossil-fuelled counterparts, might be just as dangerous if they get overheated or damaged/pierced.

Carriers in the United States must observe stringent standards for the safe transport of lithium-ion batteries of any size. Electric and hybrid cars must be securely transported to avoid battery movement and short circuits.

Transporting your EV requires finding a carrier with expertise transporting electric cars, as well as the equipment and understanding of the delicate components that go into each vehicle they handle.

This vehicle is no more dangerous to transport than a gasoline or diesel automobile as long as the carrier takes the required measures.

Are Hybrid Vehicle Shipping Rates Based on Weight?

When transporting an electric or hybrid vehicle, you need to remember that the vehicle is heavier and will demand more attention.

As weight is the critical component in determining the cost of transporting an automobile, the weight of the onboard battery and the additional weight of the charger, inverter, and even to a lesser degree, the engine may lead the automobile transport service to be somewhat more expensive.

To properly transport lithium-ion batteries, the carrier must, in certain circumstances, take additional precautions, receive a specialized license, and use distinct pieces of equipment.

Can You Book Enclosed Shipping for a Hybrid?

Enclosed transport is an excellent alternative for moving your luxury vehicle throughout the year because it eradicates the threat of damage to your vehicle and maintains the high-quality shine, such as detailing and waxing.

The enclosed transport of vehicles offers numerous advantages, including damage prevention, privacy, and better preservation of the vehicle's condition.

People who own hybrids, historic automobiles, or custom cars have a significant interest in the possibility of transporting their vehicles inside of covered containers, sometimes known as the option of enclosed auto shipping.

These enclosed trucks will only accommodate four to six automobiles at a time, unlike open transport, which can carry up to ten cars at once. This is the most prudent decision since it will protect your asset from all external factors.

Should You Charge Your EV Battery Before Shipping?

There is no need to deplete your automobile's battery before exporting it as long as the battery is protected from short circuits and kept from moving. During the entire shipping procedure, the vehicle will not have its engine started, except when it is being loaded into or unloaded from a truck, boat, or aircraft.

The battery may run down due to energy loss during the shipment procedure. It is in your best interest to charge your automobile batteries before shipping them if you want the battery to still have some life in it when the vehicle arrives at its final destination.

What To Do Next

While hybrid and electric cars are great for the environment, you don’t need to worry about getting them shipped across long distances, as we at Carvaygo can help!

We offer open-air, enclosed, and even expedited shipping for your hybrid car anywhere in the country. All you need to do is contact our experts and get a customized quote today!

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