How To Hire Movers: A Guide for Beginners

Let’s face it, moving can be stressful. Between packing up your things, traveling to and from your former home to your new home, and preparing for your arrival in a new location or state, it can be challenging to keep track of everything.

Professional movers can help facilitate a worry-free move and transport your valued belongings, leaving you with less to handle during your relocation.

Instead of lugging your belongings in a trailer during a long-distance drive, selling precious possessions to make room, or unpacking heavy items yourself, turn to trusted movers for an easy, simplified, and carefree moving experience.

Keep reading to receive moving tips and answers to commonly-asked FAQs and about hiring movers, such as when it is a good idea to hire movers, what to look for in a professional moving company, and how to hire a moving service.

When Do You Need To Hire the Professionals?

The right mover can save you time, money, and stress when it comes to long-distance moves, interstate moves, and moves with heavy lifting. For others who may be embarking on a local move, local movers can reduce the hassle of moving and leave you with more time to iron out the details of your relocation.

You may not need to hire movers if you are only moving a few items a short distance. However, if you are moving many heavy or valuable personal belongings or are uncomfortable with a DIY move, it may be a good idea to call in the help of a moving service.

Moving can take a toll on your physical health and well-being, particularly when packing, unpacking, assembling and disassembling furniture, loading, unloading, and driving long hours in a moving truck.

Movers offer full-service moves, meaning every step of the moving process is taken care of by experienced movers.

Full-service moving is also an excellent option for those who may be too busy to dedicate the necessary time and energy to their move or who may not be physically capable of heavy lifting and strenuous activity.

What Should You Look for in a Moving Company?

The right moving services can ease stress and make your move as easy as possible. Inadvertently hiring an inexperienced moving company can leave you, your family, and your belongings with added worry and dissatisfaction.

Movers handle and transport your most valued possessions, ensuring that the company you hire is reputable, trustworthy, and credible and will provide you with a high level of customer service, care, and professionalism.

Good customer reviews, credibility, and insurance are all essential factors to consider when choosing the best moving company for your relocation needs.

It is a good idea to look into which services each company offers, as some customers have different moving needs than others.

Services that can help you determine which moving company can fulfill your unique moving needs include full-service moving and additional services such as:

  • Fragile or high-value transportation
  • Car shipping services
  • Packaging services and packing supplies such as bubble wrap, unpacking

Good Reviews

Online reviews can give prospective customers insight into a moving company’s level of customer service, reliability, and overall quality of service. You can find reviews directly on mover’s websites and review-based websites such as Yelp, Nextdoor, Angi, Home Advisor, and

Reviews can help you to avoid moving scams, identify potential red flags, and help ensure that you are receiving upfront and accurate information about each company.

Word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews from friends, coworkers, and neighbors can help you find a reputable moving service and eliminate untrustworthy, unreliable moving companies.


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) lists accredited moving services on its website, along with customer complaints, contact information, and a rating.

The BBB assigns ratings, with the highest A+ to the lowest F rating, to indicate the business’ quality of customer service based on complaints, reviews, and data about the company. If a moving company has received no rating (NR), the BBB has not received adequate information about that company, and they may be unaccredited or potentially fraudulent.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides customers with a mover search tool that provides customers with the following:

  • Filed complaints
  • A database of registered interstate movers
  • Verification movers have received a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number, as required by the FMCSA for all interstate moves


In the moving industry, movers must be licensed and insured to operate. Moving companies are required to provide customers with their license number; if they do not provide one, they are likely unlicensed. Ensuring that a company is insured protects your valuables and your rights as a customer.

Moving companies are insured with liability insurance, which covers property or real estate damage for homeowners, and carrier’s liability, which covers damage or loss to your personal belongings.

Some companies may be bonded, meaning they have additional coverage and set aside funds in case an insurance claim is filed against the business.

How Do You Hire Movers?

Once you have determined moving dates with your moving service, receiving an accurate estimate of the total moving costs is essential. Some movers may provide a non-binding estimate or the estimated cost of the move without the inclusion of additional fees.

Other moving companies may have an hourly rate for the move cost, which may increase if the move takes longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances such as the weather or road conditions or the use of additional packing materials.

Companies may instead provide a flat rate or a guaranteed upfront price without extra fees that will not change, regardless of how long the move takes. Customers may pay in person or online, typically with either cash, a credit card, or by bank check.

As you prepare for your move, the last step is to sign the Bill of Lading (BOL). Prepared by your mover, the BOL is a contract between yourself and your mover describing your shipment, including what items will be transported and the pickup and delivery dates of your move.

Don’t Forget To Ship Your Car!

After you have selected your moving service, determined the cost to ship, signed the BOL, and paid the moving costs, it is time to sit back, relax, and let trusted professionals take care of your move for you.

For those traveling long-distance for their next move, you may want to avoid transporting your vehicle yourself and leave the lengthy trip to the care of a trusted car-hauling service, such as Cavaygo.

We specialize in auto transport to ensure that our customers receive the highest level of service, whether relocating, buying, or selling a car.

Are you interested in hiring a vehicle transportation provider? Visit our website today.

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