How To Buy a Car Online & Have It Delivered

Once you purchase your next car, it may initially seem daunting to figure out the next steps. However, the online car buying process is relatively straightforward and can be simplified with these expert-recommended tips. Keep reading to learn how to buy a new or used car and have it shipped straight to you, hassle-free.

7 Tips for Buying and Shipping a Car

  • Remember you can haggle
  • Buy a car privately
  • Read seller reviews before buying
  • Pay with cash
  • Pick the right shipping company
  • Choose the right transport options
  • Insure your car for shipping

1. Remember You Can Haggle

Before you begin car shopping, it is essential to determine your budget. Know your credit score, and figure out what kind of auto loans lenders will be willing to give you. Doing so will give you a better idea of what you can pay for the vehicle and the additional cost of shipping your new car.

If you have found one or several cars that you may be interested in purchasing, the next step is to contact sellers directly to negotiate a price. To start the negotiation process, simply name the car you are interested in, mention any specific features you are looking for, and ask the seller for their best price.

Once you have received quotes from several sellers, select the lowest offer and send it to the other sellers to determine if they will lower their offers. You can repeat this process until you have found the best car for sale within your budget.

It is also recommended that you search for the average price ranges and Kelley Blue Book value of the car you are looking to purchase to determine if you are getting the best deal possible.

Websites such as Vinadvisor and Truecar will negotiate with sellers if you wish to skip the negotiation process for your car purchase. However, it is still recommended that you compare the provided quotes to price ranges online for the vehicle you are interested in.

2. Buy a Car Privately

Buying a car privately, without the help of a local dealership, is a cost-effective, relatively easy option if you know how to buy a car online and can do necessary background research.

Sites such as CarFax can provide extensive information on a car’s history. It may also be wise to have the vehicle inspected by a licensed mechanic before purchasing to ensure it is up-to-date on maintenance and determine if it is safe to drive.

Receiving information on a car’s history and getting it inspected will help you to make an educated decision when it comes time to decide which vehicle to purchase.

3. Read Seller Reviews Before Buying

Reading seller comments and reviews is an excellent way to determine if a seller has had previous successful transactions. On sites such as Car and Driver, Edmunds, and Jalopnik, buyers can search sellers and read their reviews to determine if they are legitimate and whether previous buyers received the best deals possible.

4. Pay With Cash

Paying cash for a vehicle, or paying for it outright, will help you to save money on your new car. This option will allow you to skip out on costly interest fees and monthly payments. In addition, paying in cash will help you to stick to your budget by limiting the amount you have available to pay for your vehicle.

5. Pick the Right Shipping Company

Once you have selected the vehicle you would like to purchase, it is time to arrange for your car to be shipped. If you buy a car less than 100 miles away, driving and picking up your new vehicle may be easy.

However, if you are purchasing a car further away, you may choose to use a vehicle transportation provider such as Carvaygo.

6. Choose the Right Transport Option

Using an auto transport service with car-hauling services will simplify the shipping process and provide you with various helpful, cost-effective methods.

For instance, if you are shipping a luxury vehicle, you may opt for a covered transport vehicle for extra protection.

Alternatively, you may want to save on the cost of shipping with an uncovered transport vehicle.

With a vehicle transportation provider, you will have a guaranteed pickup and delivery window to ensure your vehicle arrives on time.

Carvaygo provides shipping quotes at the click of a button, risk-free booking, hassle-free expedited vehicle transportation, and advanced tracking capabilities with reliable, transparent communication at every step.

7. Insure Your Car for Shipping

Reputable vehicle transportation providers offer shipping insurance to protect your car in the case any damage occurs during transit.

Although the risk is substantially lower when you use a vehicle transportation provider, insuring your vehicle can provide peace of mind and protection for your new car—from pickup to delivery.

Why Ship Your Car After Buying Online?

  • It saves you a trip
  • It minimizes exposure to road conditions
  • It protects a new car from bad weather

1. It Saves You a Trip

After you have purchased a new or used car online, shipping your car is a convenient and safe option to get it from point A to B.

Having your car shipped will save you from the hassle and cost of traveling to pick it up, and it will also protect the longevity of your car.

Every vehicle has a limit on the miles it can travel, and using an auto transport service will protect its mileage and save you a trip.

2. It Minimizes Exposure to Road Conditions

Traveling long distances affects your vehicle’s mileage and creates wear and tear caused by prolonged exposure to road conditions. Potholes, ice patches, and more can impact the quality of your vehicle, particularly when traveling long distances.

Vehicle transportation providers, such as Carvaygo, evaluate road conditions during transit to ensure your vehicle stays protected throughout the transportation process.

3. It Protects a New Car From Bad Weather

Bad weather, such as cold, rain, snow, and sleet, can negatively impact your car's internal and external features.

Cold temperatures can harm your car’s battery, cause brake fluids to thicken, and diminish tire pressure, among many other negative effects.

Freight transportation providers will factor weather into transit planning, and transport vehicles will safeguard your vehicle from bad weather.

What To Do Next

Transporting your car is as easy as receiving a quote, booking a risk-free scheduled pickup, and receiving your new or used vehicle at your door.

With Carvaygo, we will search our extensive network of licensed and insured car-haulers to find the best match for your vehicle transportation needs.

Shippers can choose from enclosed, expedited, and open car transportation options, and our customer service representatives are available to assist any time, anywhere.

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