# Fast Growing Tech Hubs in the U.S.

As more cities open their doors to tech companies and startups, there is no shortage of opportunities for those looking to relocate.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that computer and information technology positions are expected to grow 15 percent between 2021 and 2031, resulting in an estimated 682,800 job openings in tech.

Keep reading to discover the ten fastest-growing tech hubs in the U.S., and find out which location is best for you.

Why Should You Look For a Job in Tech?

There are several factors to consider when looking to relocate for a job in the tech industry, including the position’s capacity for remote work, the number of tech workers at the company, and the current cost of living in the new area.

Positions in large tech cities such as Silicon Valley, New York City, Boston, Detroit, Houston, the San Francisco Bay Area, and Chicago have higher costs of living for tech professionals than jobs in less-populated regions, which have affordability.

For those hoping for the ability to work from home, researching positions that offer a remote work option can help narrow down positions you may be interested in.

You may also hope to work for a smaller company, a large technology company, or venture capital-funded tech startups, which can help determine which jobs best fit your preferences.

What U.S. Cities Have the Most Tech Jobs?

Whether you are a recent graduate looking for a job in the tech sector or a current member of the field hoping to relocate, there are a plethora of U.S. tech hubs to choose from for your new job and home.

The best U.S. cities to work in the tech sector have been determined based on the job market, the capability for high-tech salaries, a low cost of living, tech talent in that area, and the predicted growth rate within the next decade.

Durham, N.C.

Jobs in the tech sector have hit an all-time high in Durham, North Carolina, located near Raleigh, Chatham, and Orange counties and home to Chapel Hill. In 2020, the city had an estimated 57,182 open positions in the tech industry - a 60% increase since 2021.

Durham is home to tech companies such as Red Hat, The Select Group, Sensus, K4Connect, and Spectraforce Technologies, and Apple is the newest tech giant to join the area.

In comparison with other cities, Durham has a lower cost of living than the national average and has an estimated median tech salary of $94,211.

Austin, T.X.

Austin, Texas, is a top choice when looking to relocate for a new position in the tech field. An estimated 48,500 IT jobs made up the city’s workforce in 2022, many of which offered six-figure salaries that grew 4.6 percent from 2020.

Tech positions are available at locally-based companies such as Apple, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, Dell, Adobe, and AMD. Workers pay an estimated three percent less than the national average to live in the area.

Colorado Springs, C.O.

Located at the eastern foot of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is home to over 140 tech companies and more than 125 cybersecurity firms, including Altia, Vectrus, Plasmon, Formstack, and BombBomb.

Tech professionals make approximately $98,572 in median estimated salary in Colorado Springs, with 16,235 IT job listings posted in the year 2021 alone. The cost of living is six percent below the national average in the area and 16 percent less than in Denver, Colorado.

Philadelphia, P.A.

Tech professionals in Philadelphia can work for any of the city’s major IT companies, such as Neroflow, Odessa, Comcast, and Carpenter Technology.

Between 2020 and 2021, Philadelphia saw a 10.6 percent increase in salary for residents in the tech industry, with the average IT industry salary in 2021 landing at approximately $106,725.

Baltimore, M.D.

In recent years, Baltimore’s tech scene has grown, welcoming companies specializing in computer science, eco-friendly, clean technology advancements, cybersecurity, computer engineering, and software development.

The city houses innovative tech companies, including RMF Engineering, Amazon, DataBank, Optomi, and Maricom Systems.

Baltimore’s cost of living is approximately 31.3 percent higher than the national average, with an average median salary of $105,548. By 2026, the number of available tech jobs is predicted to grow to more than 84,000, an 8.7 percent increase from 2021.

Washington, D.C.

It comes as no surprise that the nation’s capital is booming with tech jobs and major IT company headquarters, providing new coming residents with a variety of positions in the field.

Washington, D.C., is a mecca for cybersecurity experts, network engineers, and software developers.

Major tech employers in the area include Deloitte, Amazon, Microsoft, Northrop Gunman, General Dynamics, Accenture, and Leidos.

The area has a current median tech salary of $113,330. Currently, there are approximately 191,013 listings for tech jobs in the city, and available positions are predicted to grow by 6.3 percent in the next five years.

Seattle, W.A.

Seattle, Washington, is currently home to many top tech names, including Facebook, T-Mobile, Salesforce, Expedia, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and The Boeing Company.

Although Seattle has a higher cost of living than other U.S. cities, members of the tech industry receive higher salaries on average in the area, with a current median tech salary of $131,392. The number of tech jobs in Seattle is predicted to grow by 8.7 percent, and as of 2021, the city had approximately 91,000 available IT positions.

Columbus, O.H.

Named by Forbes as the next great tech hub, Columbus, Ohio, is one of the fast-growing tech cities with a central location and is the home of many big industry names.

As one of the largest cities in Ohio, jobs in the area offer competitive salaries, a low cost of living, and a large amount of predicted growth in the years to come. Discover, Cloud, Fintech, and Astute Solutions are some of the tech giants in the area.

Atlanta, G.A.

Atlanta, Georgia, is a tech ecosystem for large employers such as Deloitte, Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, and Assurant. The area’s cost of living is significantly lower than other locations across the U.S., with the cost of living 4.1 percent lower than the national average.

In 2021, more than 111,225 tech job listings were posted, and professionals in the industry make an average income of $95,788.

San Diego, C.A.

Home to tech giants like Apple, Bing, and HP, and with relative proximity to Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, San Diego is one of the fastest-growing tech meccas in the country.

Positions in cybersecurity, software engineering, and data science are common in the area, and tech employees are paid competitively, with an average tech salary of $166,000. Since the year 2017, San Diego has seen a 20 percent increase in the number of available tech positions.

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