Enclosed Auto Transport: When Is It A Good Idea?

If you’re concerned about the safety of your vehicle during travel, enclosed auto shipping may be the answer you’re looking for. Regardless of what type of car you have, an enclosed car transport service is worth considering if you want to ensure peace of mind and protect your vehicle.

Enclosed trailer shipping is growing more and more popular in the United States, with hundreds of automobiles being transported each year. These enclosed trailers offer additional protection for certain kinds of luxury cars, exotic cars, classic cars, convertibles, motorcycles, and one-of-a-kind builds.

What Is Enclosed Auto Transport?

As its name suggests, enclosed vehicle transportation requires a roof and four sides to protect the entire automobile.

When it comes to car shipping, an enclosed shipping option may be most suitable for certain consumers. While it may sound like a luxury, using enclosed carriers is crucial for certain low-floor clearance vehicles, precious collector's goods, or roofless automobiles.

Car shipping companies offer enclosed containers in a variety of shapes and sizes. Enclosed trailers for one, two, or even three vehicles are common, and some services offer a choice between hard- or soft-sided models.

The most common option is a multi-car trailer since they are the most affordable and can hold up to seven vehicles.

When Should You Choose Enclosed Auto Transport?

  1. When buying an antique or rare car.
  2. When you’re selling a valuable vehicle to someone else.
  3. To protect your car from the weather while shipping.
  4. For shipping with extra security.
  5. Anytime you’re transporting a car and not driving yourself.

Regardless of your situation or location, you may require the services of a reputable auto shipping business. Contrary to popular belief, your car doesn’t have to be one-of-a-kind or even particularly uncommon for a car transport company to make sense.

To put it another way, you’d make sure to use bubble wrap, a solid box, and courier tracking if you were mailing an important item to someone. Your car may be one of your most expensive possessions, so it only makes sense to use the same level of care and protection when shipping it.

Open-air shipping, or transporting a car in an open carrier, makes sense for some customers. However, there are many specific situations when enclosed car shipping is actually the best option.

Buying an Antique or Rare Car

Rare cars like the Ford Mustang Eleanor or a supercar like the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which can go from zero to 70 mph in less than three seconds, cannot be shipped via open trailer. A vehicle with a high price tag must be sent with extra care, since even small damage may have a significant impact on its trade-in value.

As a result, if you're transporting an expensive sports vehicle, you'll want to think about using covered auto transport to protect it from the elements and road debris. Because the owners of these high-end automobiles place high importance on the safety and timely arrival of their prized possessions, the higher shipping cost of a safer carrier is usually a no-brainer.

Selling a Valuable Vehicle to Someone Else

As a seller of valuable cars, you have two options: don’t offer shipping and let the customer take care of it, or provide shipping services to ensure the car reaches your buyer’s doorstep. By offering shipping services, you can get an edge over your competitors.

However, you must keep in mind that it becomes your responsibility to ship these valuable cars to your customer. If there is any damage to the vehicle during transport, you’ll have to accept responsibility.

For this reason, it might make sense to avoid open auto transport options and instead choose enclosed carriers for added protection and peace of mind.

Protecting a Car From Weather While Shipping

If you're shipping your automobile to a place where the weather isn't optimal, safeguarding your automobile from the elements is crucial. An open car carrier will likely mean a lower transport cost, but using an enclosed auto transport service may be worth the additional money to avoid inclement weather.

Regardless of the delivery location, storms have been known to damage cars with scuffs, scratches, and other flaws in the paint job while shipping. Customers who are moving cars to warm weather locations like Hawaii, California, and Florida may think they don’t have anything to worry about, but rain, snow, and even sandstorms can occur in almost any location and damage your vehicle.

If safety is a top concern for you, make sure to look for shippers that offer enclosed car carriers.

Shipping a Car With Extra Security

For the most part, enclosed transporters provide a higher level of attention and security for your vehicle during shipment. Exposed carriers leave your vehicle open to severe weather conditions, vandalism, and other environmental hazards. In addition, only the transportation driver will be aware that your car is inside, making vandalism and theft much more unlikely.

When transporting valuable automobiles, such as a classic collector’s item or a high-end sports car like a Ferrari, you will likely find that enclosed shipping is the best option.

Transporting a Car Instead of Driving It Yourself

A common method of transporting an automobile when relocating is to hire an auto transport company to do the job. You won't have to worry about traveling a great distance or putting miles on your vehicle, and you’ll avoid the added hassle of dealing with your car during an already hectic time.

Using professional movers, you may be able to include your automobile in the moving van with your home possessions if you're relocating a considerable distance. If you use the same firm for both your possessions and your car, you may be eligible for extra discounts and savings.

Carvaygo: The Best Enclosed Car-Hauling Option

At Carvaygo, we offer enclosed car shipping that’s ideal if you’re looking for extra protection for your car’s journey. With our enclosing car transport services, you can ensure that your car is protected from harsh weather, including rain, snow, dirt, dust, and even the harsh sun.

Moreover, you’ll have peace of mind that your car is safe for the entire journey. At Carvaygo, we only work with car-haulers who are licensed and insured, which makes us extremely reliable and capable of meeting all your delivery requirements — regardless of where you’re going and what type of vehicle you have.

What To Do Next

The popularity of car shipping services is increasing. In fact, the global car carrier market is expected to reach $1,059 billion by 2029, with a 2.7% annual growth rate. If you’re seeking a reputable car-hauling service, begin by giving us a call at 1-888-444-2612 to receive an auto transport quote.

It takes only a few seconds to tell us the essentials about your relocation so we can offer an instant quote on the call. You are under no obligation to purchase, your quotation will be good for 30 days, and your personal information will stay private with us.

If the enclosed car shipping quote seems good, you can also book with us on the call. Booking with us is risk-free, and you may cancel anytime up to 48 hours before the planned pickup.

Once the enclosed shipment is booked, we'll ask you for a few additional facts regarding your move so that we can identify any concerns that may complicate your move—for instance, a gate code, a narrow road, etc. With our years of experience in vehicle shipping, you can rest assured that the process will be smooth, safe, and simple from start to finish.

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