Does eBay Ship Cars? How To Transport Your Car

Online buying has increased dramatically in recent years. A wide array of online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay allow customers to buy just about anything they want: clothing, furniture, housewares, tools, electronics, and even cars.

Buying a vehicle on eBay Motors is, in reality, a very straightforward procedure. There is a wide variety of automobiles to choose from, and this helps consumers locate exactly what they're searching for.

Although it is easy to buy a car on eBay, buyers must also keep in mind that eBay doesn’t ship cars. Buyers will need to take care of that themselves after purchasing the car.

Buying Cars on eBay: A Quick Introduction

You can purchase practically anything on eBay with only a few clicks, including clothing, electronics, office supplies, housewares, and garden equipment. Moreover, shipping is often included in the price of many products you purchase.

With more than 5 million cars sold, eBay Motors has made a name for itself in the automobile marketplace. Purchasing a car on eBay is an exciting endeavor, from browsing the huge variety of options to making bids and enjoying the exhilarating auction process.

Do You Have To Bid for a Car on eBay?

While buying a car on eBay, you have two options:

  • Purchase It Now: Purchase the vehicle and bypass the entire auction procedure.
  • Make an Offer: Make an attempt to bid for the automobile.

Certain “purchase it now” items sell for either a set price or an “or best offer” price, abbreviated as “OBO.” With these items, buyers can contact the seller directly and make an offer below the asking price.

For auction items, some listed have "no reserve," which means the automobile will be sold to the highest offer regardless of how high it actually is, while others require a certain minimum amount to complete the transaction.

Are There Auto Scams on eBay?

The simplicity of eBay Motors is one of its most popular features. However, while you can enjoy the ease of buying a car from across the nation from the convenience of your home, you’ll have to buy the car without actually seeing it. And, unfortunately, eBay’s buyer protection guarantee does not apply to auction site automobile transactions.

Scammers use a variety of techniques, including advertising that an automobile is in excellent condition while it really has a slew of problems. When you finally receive your vehicle, you may find that it has axle troubles, concealed corrosion, failed seals, concealed electrical system problems, or water damage.

Even worse, some customers have reported that they never received the car and, after taking their money, the seller vanished.

Before calling off the entire agreement and vanishing with your money, scammers will take your first payment and then demand additional expenses such as transportation, petrol, cleaning, or any other price they can collect from you.

An honest seller won’t usually require hidden fees or additional payments, so be wary of these red flags. Luckily, eBay offers some important information regarding auto scams that you should definitely check out before going ahead with your purchase.

Should You Buy a Car on eBay?

eBay is an excellent place to start your search, regardless of whether you're searching for something unique or something more conventional. Listings for thousands of automobiles are available, and many may be in your own neighborhood.

But if you are looking for a vehicle that’s a bit more unusual or particular, you may have to acquire it from a vendor who is a long distance away.

Even though eBay’s buyer protection guarantee won’t apply to your long-distance car purchase, you will be able to benefit from the eBay Car Purchase Protection (VPP) Program. This program protects against numerous types of fraud, including cases where the vehicle was reported earlier stolen or where there were liens on the vehicle that were not declared.

Buying a car from eBay Motors also comes with a buyer protection plan that covers any discrepancies in the vehicle's manufacturer, model, year, and odometer reading.

Does eBay Ship Cars?

No, eBay does not transport automobiles for customers. Shipping the automobile is usually the responsibility of the buyer.

Free shipping may be offered on occasion by eBay vendors. If a private seller claims to offer free shipping, though, be aware that there is a possibility that they are trying to scam you.

Buying Cars on eBay: The Pros and Cons

If you're looking to purchase a new or used vehicle online, eBay is still a great place to go. Every day, hundreds of automobiles are listed for sale on eBay, and some are even being offered at a discount.

A start-to-finish online buying experience is still somewhat rare for vehicles, but eBay Motors makes it possible. To help you assess whether eBay is the right place for you to get your next car, we’ve broken down some of the advantages and disadvantages below.

Pro: It’s Easy To Find Classic Cars on eBay

Are you on the prowl for a vintage or classic car? A certain color or characteristic? Are you looking for a vehicle that doesn’t break your bank? For all of these options, eBay is an excellent option. Owners of rare or unusual cars are more likely to put their vehicles on eBay, where a wider audience might help them fetch a higher selling price.

Pro: Bidding for Cars on eBay Can Be Exciting

Buying products on eBay offers you a huge variety to choose from. Beyond that, engaging in a bidding war is great fun!

Buying a car is no different. Some car sellers may put their cars up for a bid, and you’ll have to take part in the bidding process to get your hands on the one you want. It really is as exciting as it sounds!

Con: Sellers on eBay Aren’t Always Trustworthy

The risk of buying an automobile online cannot be completely eliminated. There are dishonest sellers on eBay, and buyers must exercise care to avoid being taken advantage of by fraudsters who may deliver a vehicle that is subpar — or that fails to appear at all.

When it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, eBay's Vehicle Purchase Protection insurance may help, but it is not a complete solution. The most common eBay scams include putting a vehicle up for sale at a low price, enticing buyers to pay through third-party services, and putting pressure on sellers to close deals fast. Keep an eye out for these red flags as you shop!

Con: You Have To Arrange Shipping for Cars Bought on eBay

After purchasing an automobile on eBay, the buyer is responsible for arranging for the vehicle to be sent. Finding a legitimate shipping business, working out the specifics, and paying costs are all part of the process.

If you're looking for a vehicle on eBay, keep this in mind. Some shipping services are extremely expensive, so even if the car itself is available at an affordable rate, it's important to consider the additional cost of shipping.

Carvaygo: The Simplest Way To Ship a Car

You don't have to spend a fortune shipping the automobile you bought online. At Carvaygo, we have access to a nationwide network of certified and insured auto transporters, and we use that network to find the best fit for your transport needs. We're able to get better deals on the shipping because of our connections with well-known carriers.

With Carvaygo, you can buy a car on eBay and have it shipped right to your door.

What To Do Next

You’ve bought your dream car on eBay and can’t wait to get into the driver’s seat and take it for a spin — but the seller is quite far away. Now what?

Don't let geography get in the way. Simply head on to Carvaygo, choose your preferred car shipping type, and submit a request for a quote. We’ll take care of the rest!

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