Car Shipping Rates: 5 Factors That Affect Them

A reliable auto shipping business can assist you in moving your automobile and other vehicles to a new state or nation without any hassles or problems. This is why the car shipping industry is extremely popular. The global car carrier market will likely reach $1,059 billion by 2029, with a 2.7% annual growth rate. However, you need to know more than just a few details before choosing an auto transport company. We'll look at five elements that affect the cost of vehicle shipping in this blog.

5 Things That Can Affect the Cost of Car Shipping

  • The Distance You Are You Shipping Your Car
  • Your Car’s Weight
  • The Time of Year You’re Shipping Your Car
  • Whether You're Using a Covered Trailer
  • Current Gas Prices

You must shop around for automobile shipping prices before making a final decision. Understanding the main determinants of car shipping quotes is well worth your time. That way, you can decide on the cheapest way to ship your vehicle.

1. The Distance You Are You Shipping Your Car

As distance increases, so does the expense of transportation. Fuel, tolls, and labor expenses all contribute to the total cost of long-distance car transport. On the whole, cross-country vehicle shipping costs will be higher, even with the best car shipping companies.

If your delivery location is relatively nearby, you'll save money overall, but you might have to pay more each mile. The cost of shipping an automobile is around $2.70 per mile for a route of fewer than 200 miles in length. Transporting a vehicle across 1,000 miles might cost as much as $0.70 per mile.

It’s important to note that a commercial truck driver must follow specific federation rules, which can delay your drop-off over long distances. Additionally, remember that car transport services will charge more the further your destination is from your pickup location.

2. Your Car’s Weight

Car shipping companies consider the vehicle's size and weight when determining car shipping cost, similar to other shipping items. Transporting your smaller automobiles will be less expensive.

Trucks and more oversized cars, on the other hand, raise the cost of transportation because of the increased weight and space they demand, such as more trailer space.

Furthermore, moving heavy trucks necessitates the use of more gasoline. You must consider the type of car to guarantee peace of mind during the shipping process.

3. The Time of Year You’re Shipping Your Car

Summer is the busiest season for the vehicle transport sector. Why? People are more willing to travel or relocate when the sun shines brightly instead of battling rainfall and snow. June and July are popular months for vacations; by that time, most students have already finished their school year.

There are, of course, many individuals who travel in the winter. Snowbirds, for example, often relocate to warmer climates like Texas, Florida, or Arizona during the winter. Hence, the weather is a significant influence in determining the cost of transporting an automobile.

Some areas of the nation are more prone to severe storms, which might impact your insurance premiums.

4. Whether You're Using a Covered Trailer

Open car transport and enclosed vehicle transport are the two most common transport types in the auto transport industry. It's fairly uncommon for people to choose covered automobile transport rather than open auto transport, but that doesn't mean it's always the best option.

In open car shipping, car shippers will transport your vehicle in an open carrier. Contrastingly, your automobile will be transported in a car carrier with an enclosed trailer through enclosed auto transport services.

Enclosed carriers help shield your car from dirt, sand, filth, and weather elements. This is the best choice if you're shipping a vintage automobile or any other high-value vehicle.

In certain circumstances, while transporting goods to a northern state during the winter, the enclosed transportation technique may be the best option. Remember, though, car shipping prices go up for enclosed vehicle shipments.

5. Current Gas Prices

It’s no secret that gas prices keep fluctuating. As your car will most likely ship in a carrier or trailer that works on gas, this is a critical factor in determining the cost of your car shipping rates.

If you’re planning on a long-distance car shipment, it might be a good idea first to check the current gas prices, which can help you determine an average of what car shipping rates you can expect.

Based on that, you can decide if you want to go ahead with the car shipping process or wait for the gas prices to reduce.

Why Ship Your Car?

  • Car Shipping Protects Your Vehicle From the Road
  • Car Shipping Protects Your Car From Weather
  • Car Shipping Saves Your Odometer

How you get your car from one location to another should always be a point of concern for you. A car shipping service has many advantages, from cost savings to ease of mind.

1. Car Shipping Protects Your Vehicle From the Road

You may rack up thousands of miles on your car's odometer, but not everyone enjoys the experience. Every mile you travel increases your risk of getting into an accident because of heavy traffic and poor weather conditions. Cars may sustain damages in even small incidents of thousands of dollars.

You and your car are both safer when you use auto shipping to move your car. Car shipping may be possible if you're not confident behind the wheel or if you have a condition that makes it uncomfortable to sit behind the wheel for long periods.

2. Car Shipping Protects Your Car From Weather

No matter where you reside, the forces of nature have the potential to harm your vehicle. In the event of a hailstorm, a windy day, or sunshine beaming on your automobile, additional measures are necessary to prioritize the safety of your vehicle condition. This is where a car transport company can help.

Enclosed transportation offers passengers some degree of weather protection, a common rationale for its usage. During shipping, the automobiles get protected from the elements by the metal container that carries them.

The occasional hail storm isn't worth taking a chance on, even if your automobile is otherwise OK. Your vehicle is protected from the elements while traveling in an enclosed vehicle.

3. Car Shipping Saves Your Odometer

You'll save time since your automobile will get there quicker than you can drive it yourself. As a result of avoiding transportation expenses such as gasoline and other essentials, you'll save money.

As they aren't miles your automobile is actually traveling, you'll save money on your vehicle's odometer. You'll get a better deal on your automobile and perhaps save money on your insurance.

What To Do Next

Be it relocation, snowbirds, or for a classic car collection, if you need your car shipped from one location to another at the best price, Carvaygo is the answer! Not only do we offer open and enclosed car shipping, but we also offer expedited shipping, which can ensure your car reaches you as soon as possible.

Request a quote on our website today and let our team of experts take care of all your shipping needs.

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