4 Safe Car Pickup & Delivery Service Locations

Most car owners need their vehicles shipped sooner or later. But you may need to find safe car pick-up and delivery service locations, whether your street is very crowded or hazardous or because you won't be home at the right time to oversee it.

Not sure whether you should schedule the delivery time for your car pick-up at a grocery store parking lot? Or do you not know where you should pick up your shipped vehicle for maximum efficiency? Read on to discover the answers to these questions and more.

Four Safe Care Pickup and Delivery Locations

  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Mall Parking Lots
  • Gas Stations


When it comes to dropping off or picking up your vehicle for a move cross-country, the ideal location should be:

  • Safe — in general, this means it’s in public. Don’t pick up or drop off your vehicle in an isolated spot.
  • Accessible — a good pick-up or drop-off location should be accessible for both you and the company leaving your vehicle at the right place.
  • Navigable — It should be easy to take your vehicle from the drop-off spot.

The parking lots of major retailers fit this bill in more ways than one. For example, if you go to a Walmart parking lot and drop off your vehicle, you’ll be safe and in public when the vehicle pickup/shipper arrives.

Plus, such a parking lot is accessible and easy to navigate, even for large vehicles. Therefore, it’s perfect for vehicle delivery services and car carriers that may pick up your car with a tow truck or trailer.


Target parking and back lots are perfect spots to pick up or drop off your vehicle. This is doubly true if you schedule to pick up and drop off for the early morning or evening.

During these time frames, there are still enough people out and about that you’ll be safe. But it won’t be so crowded that you or the vehicle delivery service will have difficulty navigating in or out of the area.

Mall Parking Lots

You don’t have to stick with major retailers, however. If you have a large vehicle and think those parking lots will be too hard to navigate, mall parking lots could fit the bill perfectly.

Mall parking lots are typically very spacious. They’re meant to have enough room for hundreds of different vehicles. Therefore, you can park your car on the outskirts of a mall parking lot, signal the auto shipping service to pick it up, and be on your way. You can have them drop it off at a similar location, and rest assured. You’ll be able to drive it onto the main road quickly and easily.

Plus, since mall parking lots are usually inhabited, this location also has the “safe” qualifier.

Gas Stations

Lastly, you can pick up and drop off your vehicle at gas stations. Gas stations are public and safe places, often filled with people. However, choose a gas station with enough room for you and a trailer to move around within. Some gas stations don’t have a lot of room to maneuver, so picking up or dropping off larger vehicles could be trickier than you imagine.

Why Location Matters for Pickup and Delivery Services

You might wonder why location matters so much if you’ve never picked up or dropped off your vehicle.

In short, it's because a bad pick-up or delivery spot could impact your overall delivery schedule. Say that you hire a car transport company to pick up your vehicle outside your home. However, you fail to tell them that your home is in a narrow alleyway without enough room for their trailer to reach your car.

That car shipping service will have to call you, explain the situation, and then you'll have to pick a different pick-up date for your car. It just delays everything. The easier the location is to access, the lower the transport cost may also be.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Delivery Service Provider

The right location is just as important as choosing the right auto transport service. A good car pick-up and delivery service will:

  • Have multiple different vehicles to pick up and drop off your car for door service, transporting a new vehicle somewhere else, or whatever else you need
  • Have experience navigating through different locations; your auto transport company should be able to handle practically any parking lot as a delivery or pickup location.
  • Be able to work with you when selecting the right place to pick up and drop off your car, offering peace of mind during the vehicle shipping process.

You’ll also want to consider the shipping costs. Car shipment can be costly, especially when you prioritize excellent service. Whether you choose open-door or enclosed auto transport, you’ll want to get free quotes and shop around the auto transport industry to find the right provider to ship your car.

Carvaygo fits all of these criteria and then some. As experienced car delivery professionals, we've picked up and dropped off cars in various environments. Our professional service personnel will ensure that the delivery or drop-off appointment goes smoothly and safely, and we can provide you with an instant quote today.

Bottom Line

The safest spots to pick up and deliver your car are public, easily accessible, and easy to navigate. Parking lots, gas stations, and similar areas are perfect places to drop off your car for pick-up and retrieve your vehicle after it has been delivered to its final location safe and sound.

Fortunately, you can schedule your car’s pick up or drop off at these locations quickly and easily with Carvaygo. As experienced vehicle transportation specialists, we’re more than capable of meeting you at the perfect location or dropping off your vehicle at a place and time that works for you. The exemplary car transport service can quickly get your car from place to place, from home to a dealership or elsewhere.

Contact us today for a car shipping quote or to learn more.

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